The basics of corporate Investigations

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A corporate organization in itself is a like a living breathing organism complete with the top management as the head and brain and the employees working at various levels as its body. Like every organism, a corporate organization is not always immune from external threats, but that can be taken care of with precautions and proper strategy and planning. The most damaging of threats are those coming from within, for it’s very hard to diagnose. This makes for a case of corporate investigations, where an investigation will be carried out to find the “insider threats”.

Corporate investigations are highly important for the well being, growth and prosperity of any organization, for the insider threats, like flesh eating maggots, eats up the organization from within. To counter these threats, internal investigation is the right way as they are carried out in a discreet manner so as not to garner any unwanted attention. These insider threats can be of multiple forms. Some of them are:


  • Violation of company policy
  • Accounting frauds
  • Leaking or disclosing sensitive and valuable information.
  • Unauthorized access of data
  • Workplace sexual harassment or abuse.
  • Inappropriate workplace conducts

Corporate investigations are carried out within an organization so as to find the perpetrator of alleged misconduct without jeopardizing the company’s relationship with employees who are innocent and without compromising or damaging someone’s reputation and also without making too much noise about the matter in the public domain.

To achieve these goals and to carry out the internal investigation in a conclusive way, efficient planning, execution, analytical skill and a firm grasp on all the legalities involved is required from the organization’s end. Generally a corporate investigation consists of inspection and analysis of documented evidences like written records, interviewing witnesses and suspects, network forensics, execution of disciplinary actions according to company policy, consultation with legal resources for legalities involved and law enforcement(if required).

In the wake of an internal investigation, the organization should formulate some planning steps so that they can be prepared and can handle sensitive matters like these in a planned and smooth manner.

  • The organization should always formulate clear policies outlining prohibited actions and unacceptable conducts and also the legal consequences to be faced on occurrence of the same. A clearly formulated policy will ensure that the company will be out of legal jams as there would be no scope for ambiguity and the organization would be in the clear.
  • The organization must document its policies and maintain its own adherence to those policies. This will help the company to prove to a judge that the company behaved responsibly and within the bounds of its own policies, in case any lawsuit from the subject’s end arises.
  • The organization must always practice written statements so that no ambiguity arises in case of evidence presentation.
  • The organization must form an investigative team or hire the services of a private detective agency to conduct the investigation
  • The organization must take the appropriate action that too in a quick and conclusive manner. This ensures that employee morale is not harmed.

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