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“Those were the best of days; those were the good old days of our lives”. These are the words we would hear if we ask people, even ourselves, about our teenage days. With starry eyes flooded with the recollection of some crazy memories from that time of our lives when everything was beautiful, every bird a song bird and no worries or obstacles strong enough to knock the rose colored glasses off our eyes.

Now we have kids, who are going through the same period of their lives which we once went through. But the path that we treaded on is not the path for them, for there are an abundance of temptations to lure them off the right path to the path of teenage delinquencies, of drug addictions and abuse. Kids today are walking on thin ice and with even a single miss step they can fall into a grotto from which it’s nearly impossible to crawl out of. The most dreaded of such misstep is Drug Abuse, which is the biggest and most widely spread problem nowadays. Studies show that teens who develop drug abuse tendencies in the earlier years, grows to be an addict. The advanced technology which has permeated every nook and cranny of our lives acts as a seducer for them. It also acts as a shield, hiding from our watchful eyes and showing them new avenues of evil where they can slide downwards.

In the earlier times bad company which leads to these problems was noticeable and with a little alarm parents were able to get rid of it. But now with the advent of social media, and its Omni presence, there are literally million ways to mingled with bad company without the parents getting a slightest of wind about it. And when we do get grasp of the matter, things have gone too far out of our hands, we are left with pangs of helplessness and despair in our hearts. But just because things have gone too far, we cannot let things pass and let the problem be for

whomever they are and whatever they do they are our kids and we can’t just leave them to be as they are.

There are some red flags, which if we will notice if we know where to look and what to look for, for e.g.: a kid who is high on drugs will develop secretive attitude, will be irritable and impatient, will no longer be interested in hobbies and activities that would have engaged them for hours in earlier times. If you become aware of changes in your kids behavior and actions and see any of these signs in them lately, then it’s time to take some necessary steps so as to stop their descent and save them from living the rest of their lives as an addict.

To save them from this hellish and nightmarish life which has become so alluring for them, strict actions like teenage monitoring needs to be taken. You can always take the help of detective agencies to monitor the activities of your teenage child. We offer the services that will not only help you to track their movements and monitor their activities but also you will be able to identify the bad companies and misuse of technology which is gently pushing them towards drug addiction and abuse, as a quick and euphoric alternative from the everyday realities of life.

To help you and to save your children from the devilish clutches of drug abuse and teenage delinquency is our goal. To safeguard the generation that will helm the reigns of the globe in years to come is our vision.

Spousal Infidelity: Hard Times and what can an investigation agency do for you

Settling down and walking down the aisle with someone is a major commitment. When we choose to live the rest of our loves with a person, we take a decision keeping into mind the happier days to come where the significant other will light up our lives and will be with us in all the highs and lows of our lives. When we love someone we believe that our love will be reciprocated and we will be loved like we love them. But this abode of love comes tumbling down like a pack of cards, when spousal infidelity happens. So potent is the venom of infidelity that even with the suspicion of it, where the actual infidelity may not even occur, and the strongest of relationships fall down like a burnt electrocuted tree.

In many cases, things pan out in such a way that suspicion equals and leads to conviction. This should not and must not happen in the sensitive and highly emotionally charged case of spousal infidelity. “Is my wife/husband really cheating on me”, this question is one of the most damning questions of all. Like a dagger it pierces our heart and makes us bleed on the inside, every time the thought comes into minds and in actuality these thoughts never leave, they don’t desert us and even if we force bit out of our minds, it comes back, resurfacing after some time. Like an insatiable and incurable itch, it stays at our sides, alerting us of its presence.

It’s very easy for a person, in this state of mind, to give in to their inner pangs and accuse the other person of cheating, even if it’s only a suspicion. But that is not the thing to do. One cannot accuse another without proper and substantial evidence. One needs to have a 100% conviction and clarity along with substantial evidence of the infidelity before they can charge the other. There are signs that you can look for, changes in the behaviors pertaining to the defensive nature, sudden need of secrecy and seclusion, late night hush-hush phone calls with suppressed voices are some of the first signs of cheating spouses. A word of caution here, these are behavioral changes which may be triggered due to some sudden external factors other than cheating, for instance pressure in the workplace or some other disturbing factor which may be bugging them but which

they may not be ready to share yet. These factors can be seen as slight indicators but not actual pointers to infidelity and by no means should one accuse the other just on the basis of these pointers. So, in light of the above mentioned circumstances, in order to gather conclusive evidence, a person needs to gather evidence and perform surveillance onto the suspected cheater, which is impossible for us because a) we don’t know how to do it and b) we all have our own jobs to do.

Some things are better left to the pros. This is where a private investigator steps in.

Taking the services of a private investigative agency is the most sensible, logical and the right thing to do. We at PI Melbourne are a licensed detective agency and are well versed and prolific in conducting surveillance and gathering conclusive evidence. Our evidence gathering strategy is efficient and discreet, we always gather photo and videos as evidence with timestamp for authenticity.

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