Surveillance: The right way

Pi Melbourne

Pi Melbourne

Surveillance job is so much more than just crazy driving and shadowing skills and being handy with a camera, and has much more to do with advance planning and having an infinite amount of patience. Veterans and even the most seasoned of the private investigators can botch up a surveillance job by making some of the silliest mistakes and by not planning ahead.

Mentioned below are some tips that PI Melbourne follows to conduct the surveillance effectively and without blowing the cover.

  • Always map out the area where you have to do surveillance in advance. What route the subject will be taking? Are there multiple options? How the neighborhood and locality and what are are the best places to set up the stationary surveillance? These are some questions that will be answered by mapping the area out
  • Don’t stand out. Be very common and general so that you don’t stick out and people don’t notice you and even if they do they won’t remember you later.
  • Maintain your focus and don’t get distracted. You may be tired after endless hours of surveillance, but may miss out on the right picture moment due to a quick glance at your Facebook page.
  • Always carry backup supplies with you, so that at the right moment you camera doesn’t run out of battery or memory.

At PI Melbourne, we understand the basics of surveillance and follow all the right practices and carry with us all the right equipments so that you don’t end up with botched up evidence where the face is unrecognizable and case is spoiled.

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